Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 44 | Being a Choosey Tool User

Being a Choosey Tool User

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Tool of the Trade

Low Tech: Dash Plus - Patrick Honer

High Tech: Nozbe

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Reading Room

Eat That Frog - Brian Tracy (Audible Version) and the dead tree version here.

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Just Because

Swingline Series 747 Stapler - Why? For my money - the best staplers ever plus #officespacemovie.

Show Notes

Tools are in important part of developing, producing and distributing our products, and in the operation of our businesses and in personal lives. 

Finding the best tool for your business may be less simple that a quick google search. A bit of introspection and answering a few specific questions can put you on the road to choosing tools that are well suited to achieving the results improvements that you're expecting.

Change Costs

  • Cash out to purchase the tool.
  • Time to learn the tool.
  • Time to implement the new tool across your business.
  • Emotional/Personal Energy - change is draining!
  • The impact of not working on other parts of your business while your working on the above...

Tips for Tool Choosers

  • Marketing is nice but the results in your business come first.
  • Explore tools that complement what is already working for you and your business.
  • Is it only available from one source or can it be easily replicated/replaced.
  • Will it be there when you need it (portability)?
  • Can you afford it? Don't fall for the 'Can you afford not to...?' sales pitch!

Questions to Consider

  • What tools are you using now?
  • What new habits, if any, will this new tool require? Is that really feasible (a little self aware honesty will save you and your coworkers a lot of grief here)?
  • Why doesn't that tool achieve the results you want?
  • Where does the system break down?
  • Where is your system working (This is probably the most important question.)?

So that's about it folks... It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!


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