Introducing Business BeyonDIY

Our New Show is Launching Soon!

Businesses are bought and sold based on the perception of future value.

Business owners are often experts in fields outside of business.

We developed Business BeyonDIY to help you cross that chasm.

Show Topics

  • Buying a Business
  • Selling Your Business
  • Preparing Your Business for Sale

As with our previous podcast 'Up and to the Right', we're going to focus on keeping it:

Practical | Actionable | Sustainable

Business owners and entrepreneurs are go-getters. We start things other people don't (sometimes too many things am I right?) and we push through hard times. That means that entrepreneurship involves a lot of DIY.

Business BeyonDIY is a Livestream/podcast where we own our DIY nature but find that sweet spot where doing it yourself doesn't mean going it alone.

In this introductory episode, I'll let you know the format of the show, what to expect, and when I'll be live.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your business and sharing practical tips that will make your DIY more like DI-Us!

Chat comments are welcome during the live show! Bring your expertise!