Is the business card dead?

Is the business card dead?

As technology continues to change how we communicate and even how we meet new people – should you be spending money on business cards?

Whether you’re ordering economical cards from or getting the creme de la creme from if a business card falls in a potential customer’s pocket… does it make an impact?

3 Reasons to ditch your business cards:

1. Most of them are wasted – let’s face it, most of the business cards we hand out get thrown away without ever being used which is bad for the environment as well as your cash flow.

2. There are alternatives – increasingly we are seeing digital alternatives to business cards. For the most part these options are free.

3. You have to keep them with you – business cards are only useful if you keep them with you whenever there’s an opportunity to meet a new supplier or customer.

3 Reasons to keep business cards:

1. Convenient note pad – do you have a specific thing you want someone to keep in mind about your company, product or promotion? Note it on the back of your business card. For this reason I personally prefer matte finish cards as they are easier to write on.

2. They have been the standard method of sharing contact information for a long time.

3. There are still business professionals and customers who will use your business card as a way to measure your company. It’s getting less relevant but it still happens.


So… are business cards a waste of your small business’ scarce resources? Not necessarily.

Before you buy them; explore, develop and use alternatives to traditional business cards and remember the card is not what’s important it’s the creation and development of a new relationship that matters.

If you decide business cards are a good way to spread the word about your company then here are some additional thoughts.

What to keep in mind:

  • How many cards will you give out for each sale?
  • What is the average sales price that you get from each customer that comes to you after you give them a business card?
  • What is the standard practice in your industry? Is there one?
  • How likely is each card you hand out to result in a visit or phone call?
  • Is the quality of the card REALLY going to improve the odds of getting a sale in your business or industry?

Luckily there’s no right or wrong answer on this. What works for you and your business? If you’re not sure, experiment! Choose a type of card, buy a box and see what results you get using them.

Do you have a business card strategy that works well for you? Share it in the comments below and help out another small business owner!


Break time’s over… it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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