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Do you have customer service skeletons in your closet? Does the skeleton of your patronage linger in the closet of a business that just plain blew it? For me, sadly… both are true.

Episode 019 of Up and to the Right we’ll take a look at some moldering bones in my own customer service closet along with two examples that made an impression on me as a customer.

The good news is that by acknowledging problems, listening to customers and treating customers with thoughtful respect you can prevent and resolve most customer issues.

Guest Expert

Ron Sherwood, Envistia

We also have our first special segment this week with Ron Sherwood of Envistia - who will be talking with me about Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

Learn more about Ron and Envistia:

See the Envistia list of CRM options:


ACE'ing Customer Service

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Influence by Rob Cialdini

Get it on Audible here: Influence by Rob Cialdini

Get the dead tree version here: Influence by Rob Cialdin

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