Small Business Consulting Services

Small Business Consulting Services

"We develop actionable, sustainable solutions and help business owners cultivate practical business knowledge so they can act with informed purpose to start, improve, focus, plan, and exit effectively."

Starting Up a Small Business

Starting up a business takes the vision to see the world as it could be and the courage to take action in the face of uncertainty. We'll navigate:

  • Registration(s)
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Financing
  • Manufacturing
  • HR

Business Operation Management

Pressure on your business is constant. How do you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business?

Instead of looking for 'what's wrong' we focus on what you're already doing that works; why it works for you and how can we leverage that success and combine it with best practices in the areas you'd like to improve.

Let’s… get effective!

Financial Plan for Small Business

How do you create a financial plan for a small business? It takes a long and short-term view, identifying your business goals, then developing cash management tools that work to support your goals. We'll help you understand:

  • Why keeping control of cash matters.
  • How cash comes into your business.
  • Where you keep your cash and why.
  • What controls you should have in place for disbursing cash.
  • What bank accounts you should consider.

Let’s… start working on a financial plan for your small business!

Entrepreneur's Resources

What is your ‘core competency’? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is understanding what entrepreneurs resources are available to you and your team so that you can focus on your gifts and let other’s help. We'll help you:

  • Decide what you want to focus on.
  • Figure out what you should consider outsourcing.
  • Determine the criteria for an outsourcing partner.
  • Ways to make outsourcing work over the long term.

Let’s get… outsourcing!

Selling Your Business

When is the best time to plan on selling your business? As soon as you begin the growth phase and/or at least five (5) years before you plan to sell or transfer ownership. We'll help you answer:

  • How are businesses valued?
  • What is the valuation method you want to focus on?
  • Getting the business independent of you.
  • Do you need a business broker?
  • When should you start looking for a buyer?

Let’s… plan on selling your business!

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