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Do you use social media to promote your product, service or business? Did you know that there or over 300 social media websites and that number is growing?!

Whether your a social media luddite like yours truly... or a social media maven there's simply no ignoring the power and impact of social media.

In episode 17 of Up and to the Right we'll see if we can surf the social media channels and keep our entrepreneurial sanity at the same time!

We'll talk about how to answer these four basic questions:

  1. Do you really NEED to be on social media after all (spoiler alert... that's a definite probably but...)?
  2. How do you choose which social media networks that make the most sense for your business niche?
  3. What should you post?
  4. When should you post?

I dropped a number of links I think will help you make sense of all the noise and hopefully help you make some sensible social media planning decisions!


None this week.

Resources - The 2018 Policy Agenda for Entrepreneurs and Small Business from the SBE Council

Copy & Paste in your favorite search engine... how to choose the best social media for my business - How to choose the best social media platforms for your business from Medium - How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business from Inc. - 30/60/10: The Golden Ratio for Social Media from Rallyverse - Explained: The 5:3:2 Rule for Social Media from

Bonus - Wikipedia List of Social Media Websites (just in case you weren't mind-numbed enough by the fab four - FB, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest). Seriously though... getting involved in social media platforms that are focused on your service, business, market or target demographic can help you cut through the distracting clutter you have to deal with on other channels... it's worth a look!


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