Why did I Just Pass on a Free Vacation?

In short? Because I didn’t believe it. And neither do you!

This morning I received an email from a brand I value giving me the opportunity to enter a contest to win a free vacation.

It went in the trash.

But why? It’s pretty simple we don’t believe the odds of winning are worth the time it will take to fill out the form or the hassle of getting off of some new mailing list that we don’t value. And we’re right.

Maybe someone wins these trips… I don’t know and that’s not really the point.

If I don’t interact with the offer then the offer missed it’s mark, at least with me.

It’s four seconds to the trash folder… or worse the spam folder… do you know where your offer is?

The real question and point to consider is:
How are your prospects, customers and contacts responding to your offers?
How much consideration do you put into the offers you make to your email list? Free this, discount that and you’ve served to devalue your brand but have you gained any new customers?

  • Make the offer too big (free vacation) and I won’t think it’s possible to win so I’ll ignore it.
  • Make the offer too small and I just won’t care.
  • Make the offer a money saver and you erode the value of your brand.

Here’s a tip: think about what you can offer that will demonstrate the genuine value of your products and services. Then offer them that.


Break time’s over… it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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