Why use an Email list management service?

Does it seem to you that every site you go to these days wants around $10/Month to do something for you?

From Netflix to WoW to the topic of this post Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact etc. everyone wants me to drink just a few less premium coffees.

So, as I’m working out my budget and how many coffees I can still get I’m asking myself why don’t I just handle my email list myself through Google where I have my email services via Google Apps for Business?

Here are 5 Reasons you should sign up for a mailing list manager and forego a few cups of coffee.

1. The Law

One of the values of having a service manage your email contact list is that they are keeping up with the law. There are requirements about how subscribing and unsubscribing has to be done and trying to maintain that in your personal email would be a waste of time you could (and should) be spending building your business.

2. Ease of Use

When I think about trying to collect and add names to my contacts and label them for which list they would be on (I think you can use “Groups” or something but… anyway it becomes unwieldy pretty quick. All of the email list services provide forms that you can use on your website, in email and on social media to help collect names which are automatically put on the right list. For example you may sell high end clothes and have a list for women and men so you can send relevant information to each. These services make this differentiation automatic once the lists and forms are set up.

3. Analytics

With traditional email you have no way to know how many people opened your email newsletter or clicked on a link. The email list service providers can give you this (down to individual opens). In addition you’ll know how many ‘bounced’ (went to email addresses that are no longer valid) so you can delete them from the list and keep it current.

4. Automation

This might not be the first thing on your list but there are applications for having an automated (aka ‘drip’) email campaign. Still using the clothing retailer example perhaps when someone who is dressing challenged (like me) signs up you send out a campaign that provides valuable information on ways to update/upgrade your wardrobe over three months without breaking the bank. This demonstrates value (tips etc. not directly selling). Chances are you can offer your customers more than just products.

5. Unlimited Emails

As professional email providers these companies can send bulk email without triggering email client SPAM filters giving you a better chance of reaching more people legitimately and getting your message to existing and future customers.

What email service provider do you use? Leave a comment and tell us which one and why!


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