Up and to the Right | 2016 Week 46 | Working Across Platforms

Working Across Platforms

Intro Video

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Tool of the Trade

Example Cross Platform App: Evernote

Evernote is available for MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows

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Reading Room

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill (Audible Version) and the dead tree version here.
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Show Notes

Are you a Windows or Mac? Are you iOS or Android? When it comes to finding solutions to getting work done, more and more these questions are becoming less relevant. What does it mean when an application or software package claims to be cross-platform? Why does it matter to your business?

What does "cross platform" mean?

We'll go over what it means that an application is "cross platform" or available not only for use on more than one operating system (Windows or Mac for example), but available to operate interactively on both operating systems.

How does it work?

Many people, both consumers and businesses alike, are not constantly steeped in the technology industry. A few minutes here should help cut through the technobabble surrounding "the cloud"... at least when it comes to cross platform applications.

Is it Secure?

Is the NSA going to watch your online notes could a competitor hack your account...? Let's talk about a more practical way to think about your cloud security.

Why Does it Matter to My Business?

By far the most important part. Why and how can you use cross platform technology to be more productive or get improved results in your business.

Some Considerations to... well... Consider

Download the worksheet for a way to analyze your systems and some hints to getting the most out of a cross platform workflow.

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